Hall of Fame

The Geoffrey Knowles Rose Bowl

The winner of the evening club 10 season on points for the best 10 rides
Year Rider Result
2023Martin Fenna100
2022Sam Robinson96
2021Matt Clark100
2019Lee Buckman98
2018Lee Buckman100
2017Lee Buckman96
2016Andy Branson100
2015Andy Branson100
2014Scott Wiseman96
2013S Wiseman99
2012A Macey99
2011T Sheppard100
2010S Hopkins96
2009N Leech100
2008T Sheppard98
2007T Sheppard100
2006S Clarke99
2005S Hopkins100
2004S Hopkins98
2003R Wheeler100
2002R Wheeler157
2001J Durey126
2000D Blunt100
1999D Blunt100
1998J Temple100
1997L Whittaker94
1996A Harding96
1995B Warren96
1994A Harding98
1993M Fitzgerald100
1992M Fitzgerald100
1991M Fitzgerald100
1990M Fitzgerald100
1989M Fitzgerald100
1988M Fitzgerald100
1987P Groves97
1986P Groves123
1985P Groves114
1984M Taylor94
1983M Taylor137
1982M Taylor175
1981N Pucknell197
1980N Pucknell475
1979M Groves350
1978M Groves294
1977A Mayes133
1976A Mayes174
1975M James163
1974P Cradock193
1973P Cooper171

The Alec Mayes Trophy

The winner of the evening 10 series on handicap
Year Rider Result
2023Stephen Marchant78
2022Simon Denniss70
2021Michael Newman68
2019Rob Sparks77
2018Rob Sparks67
2017Lesley Newman67
2016Steve Clarke62
2015Kevin Newman55
2014Lesley Newman49
2013J Chasseaud61
2012C Woollard64
2011T Sheppard64

The Hayward Cup

The fastest 25 mile in season in designated event
Year Rider Result
2023Martin Fenna00:55:48
2021David Hampton00:57:57
2019Matt Clark00:56:58
2018Lee Buckman00:57:15
2017Lee Buckman00:56:49
2016Matthew Stammers00:58:42
2015Lee Buckman00:58:18
2014Andy Branson59:03
2013A Macey00:58:36
2012A Macey00:58:51
2011S Hopkins00:59:06
2010L Buckman00:59:57
2009N Leech00:57:12
2008S Clarke01:00:42
2007A Mayes01:10:22
2006S Hopkins01:00:14
2005S Clarke01:00:22
2004A Mayes01:06:41
2003J Colbear01:00:47
2002R Wheeler01:01:49
2001M Perdue01:08:13
2000J Temple01:04:30
1999D Blunt01:00:26
1998J Temple01:16:48
1997C Attwell00:59:31
1996B Kennedy01:04:11
1995A Mayes01:08:07
1994A Harding01:04:06
1992J Allen01:09:17
1991R Kane01:04:46
1990M Fitzgerald01:02:29
1989M Fitzgerald01:01:06
1988N Pucknell01:04:33
1987P Groves01:04:11
1986P Groves01:00:40
1985S Gendek01:06:47
1984A Mercer01:00:13
1983N Pucknell01:00:51
1982P Groves01:05:32
1981N Pucknell01:01:07
1980P McVey01:02:00
1979N Pucknell01:05:08
1978K Playfoot01:00:35
1977R Wood01:07:19
1976P Cooper01:02:20
1975P Brooker01:06:05
1974P Cradock01:04:50
1973A Mayes01:11:31
1972P Cooper01:05:34
1971M Brooker01:00:35
1970M Brooker01:02:57
1969M Brooker01:00:55
1968C Bellamy01:03:57
1967C Bellamy01:01:01
1963B Standen01:07:29
1962B Standen01:06:28
1961A Goodall01:03:53
1956T Curtis01:07:17

The Glover 25 Cup

The fastest 25 mile in season on handicap in designated event
Year Rider Result
2023Martin Fenna00:55:48
2021David Hampton00:56:12
2019David Hampton00:55:18
2018Andy Robinson00:57:03
2017Lee Buckman00:56:49
2016David Hampton00:57:41
2015Lee Buckman00:58:18
2014Kristy Howells00:51:11
2013A Branson00:57:57
2012A Branson00:56:43
2011M Postlethwaite
2010L Buckman00:58:17
2008D Godden00:58:04
2007A Mayes01:10:22
2005A Mayes01:06:41
2004A Mayes01:06:41
2003A Mayes00:56:14
2002A Mayes00:58:36
2001A Mayes01:00:02
2000J Temple00:59:30
1999J Duckworth00:57:13
1998J Temple01:16:48
1997A Farmer00:52:25
1996B Kennedy00:51:41
1995J Duckworth00:55:29
1994P Bridgland00:54:55
1993A Mayes00:58:19
1992A Goodall01:00:12
1991R Kane00:56:46
1990J Allen00:57:15
1989G Wales00:58:43
1988D Smith01:00:12
1987P Groves00:58:41
1986P Groves00:54:40
1985J Allen00:56:06
1984A Branson00:55:57
1983A Mercer01:00:38
1982R McVey01:02:00
1981C Attwell00:50:10
1980P McVey01:00:00
1979R Burden00:54:55
1978B Pucknell00:52:44
1977A Farmer00:55:58
1976S Gendek00:53:27
1975P Brooker00:59:50
1974W Armatage00:53:07
1973M James01:02:13
1972P Cudmore01:00:01
1971M Brooker00:58:20
1970M Brooker00:59:42
1969M Brooker00:54:11
1968D Mills00:57:44
1967D Lummes01:00:58
1963R Nicholson01:03:39
1962C Bellamy01:02:09
1961K Waldergrave00:59:56
1956D Cooper01:02:52
1955T Curtis00:58:50
1954D Wenham01:02:08
1953M Santer01:08:07
1952R Giles01:04:12
1951L Shorter01:11:27

The Harry Holt Cup

The fastest 25 mile time trial in any event of the season
Year Rider Result
2023Matt Clark00:55:43
2022Sam Robinson00:54:15
2021David Hampton00:54:09
2019Sam Robinson00:56:07
2018Sam Robinson00:54:31
2017Lee Buckman00:53:09
2016Andy Branson00:54:17
2015Andy Branson00:54:46
2014Andy Branson00:55:48
2013A Macey00:58:29
2012A Macey00:58:51
2011S Hopkins00:59:06
2010N Leech00:57:02
2009N Leech00:56:43
2008N Leech00:59:12
2007A Mayes01:04:16
2006S Hopkins01:00:14
2005S Clarke01:00:22
2004P Crudge00:59:46
2003J Colbear01:00:33
2002R Wheeler01:01:30
2000D Blunt00:54:02
1999D Blunt00:56:30
1998J Temple00:58:56
1997C Attwell00:59:31
1996B Kennedy01:04:11
1995B Warren01:02:27
1994B Warren00:57:15
1993B Warren00:56:25
1992R Kane00:57:25
1991M Fitzgerald00:55:00
1990M Fitzgerald00:56:20
1989M Fitzgerald00:58:48
1987C Record00:56:16
1986P Groves00:56:25
1985C Record00:57:49
1984A Mercer00:56:11
1983R Murray00:56:57
1982N Pucknell00:55:03
1981N Pucknell00:56:24
1980N Pucknell00:58:10
1979P McVey00:59:54
1978K Playfoot00:56:12
1977K Playfoot00:59:43
1976P Cooper01:00:08
1975N Davies01:00:08
1974N Davies01:00:38
1973P Cooper01:02:08
1972P Cooper00:59:11
1971M Brooker01:00:35
1970M Brooker00:58:49
1969M Brooker01:00:44
1968M Mills01:02:55
1967C Bellamy01:01:01
1963B Standen01:04:25
1962V Possee00:59:16
1930C Holtum01:07:51
1929C Holtum01:06:46
1928C Glover01:12:54

The 12 Hour Challenge Trophy

The furthest 12 hour in season, any event
Year Rider Result
2023Not awarded
2022Alec Mayes181.44
2017Alec Mayes200.556
2016Alec Mayes198.41
2015Alec Mayes191.252
2014Lee Buckman253.923
2013J Davies-Evans201.663
2012L Buckman245.278
2011A Mayes208.084
2010N Leech229.067
2009A Mayes203.423
2008A Nye214.472
2007A Mayes198.597
2005A Mayes205.96
2004A Mayes196.585
2003A Mayes197.124
2002A Mayes200.64
2001A Mayes206.567
1999J Laker158.012
1998J Temple204.8
1996B Kennedy199.152
1995A Mayes209.854
1994P Bridgland202.388
1993A Mayes201.86
1990J Duckworth216.474
1989J Duckworth208.025
1988M James204.892
1987J Laker195.672
1986P Groves218.597
1985S Gendek217.03
1984W Jameson216.135
1983D Maund243.264

The Groves Challenge Trophy

Best all rounder on Q courses, 2 x 10 and 2 x 25 miles
Year Rider Result
2023Martin Fenna27.226
2022Sam Robinson26.720
2021Owen Fletcher26.03
2020Not awarded
2019Lee Buckman26.310
2018Lee Buckman27.015
2017Lee Buckman27.179
2016Matthew Stammers26.352
2015Lee Buckman26.16
2014Andy Branson26.174
2013A Macey25.995
2012L Buckman25.524
2011S Hopkins25.597
2010T Sheppard24.906
2009N Leech26.743
2008S Clarke25.13
2007A Mayes22.38
2006S Clarke24.71
2005A Mayes22.769
2004A Mayes22.209
2003J Colbear24.976
2002R Wheeler25.183
2001P Crudge25.347
2000D Blunt27.37
1999D Blunt26.22
1998J Temple26.01
1997C Attwell24.76
1996B Kennedy23.03
1995B Warren24.11
1994B Warren25.486
1993M Fitzgerald25.22
1992J Temple25.447
1991M Fitzgerald25.4
1990M Fitzgerald26.173
1989M Fitzgerald25.471
1988M Fitzgerald25.541
1987P Groves25.824
1986P Groves25.866
1985C Record25.365
1984D Maund26.266
1983D Maund26.208
1982N Pucknell26.641
1981N Pucknell25.949

The Pincrole Cup

Senior best all rounder. Fastest average speed over 25, 50 and 100 miles in any time trials
Year Rider Result
2023 Not awarded
2021David Hampton24.73
2019Sam Robinson24.213
2018David Hampton23.661
2017Lee Buckman26.230
2016Colin Woollard23.390
2015Colin Woollard23.260
2014Colin Woollard23.28
2013A Macey24.123
2012A Macey23.691
2011R Firth21.068
2010A Mayes20.129
2009S Clarke22.387
2008S Clarke22.234
2007A Mayes20.692
2006A Mayes20.022
2005A Mayes21.029
2004A Mayes21.502
2003A Mayes20.603
2002D Duchemin20.77
2001A Mayes20.732
1998J Temple22.03
1996B Kennedy20.45
1995A Mayes20.39
1994P Bridgland22.149
1993A Mayes19.04
1990J Duckworth21.211
1989J Duckworth20.354
1988N Pucknell21.125
1987J Laker21.223
1986P Groves22.455
1985N Pucknell21.969
1984M Jameson20.286
1983D Maund23.849
1982A Farmer22.249
1981M Groves22.013
1980P McVey23.282
1979M Groves23.139
1978P McVey24.202
1977A Mayes21.517
1976A Mayes22.166
1975M James22.674
1974A Mayes22.106
1973P Cudmore21.687
1972A Mayes22.162
1971N Davies23.221
1970M Brooker23.448
1969M Brooker22.885
1968C Bellamy21.979
1967C Bellamy22.387
1962V Possee23.866
1961A Goodall22.3

The Austen Cup

The fastest 50 mile ride in season
Year Rider Result
2023Martin Fenna01:54:43 CLub Record
2022Sam Robinson01:59:43
2021David Hampton01:58:24
2019David Hampton02:02:54
2018David Hampton02:02:38
2017David Hampton02:00:36
2016Matthew Stammers02:00:22
2015Lee Buckman02:01:30
2014Katie Mc Swiney01:59:04
2013A Macey02:00:31
2012L Buckman02:02:08
2011L Buckman02:03:13
2010R Firth02:17:34
2009A Mayes02:26:46
2008S Clarke02:08:12
2007A Mayes02:19:15
2006S Clarke02:08:12
2005A Mayes02:20:01
2003R Wheeler02:14:39
2002A Mayes02:32:52
2001A Mayes02:28:13
2000J Durey02:17:47
1999J Durey02:19:43
1998J Durey02:24:14
1997C Attwell02:12:43
1996J Durey02:23:31
1995B Warren02:13:20
1994P Bridgland02:16:34
1993M Fitzgerald02:08:04
1991M Fitzgerald02:13:08
1990M Fitzgerald02:04:44
1989M Fitzgerald02:07:16
1988N Pucknell02:17:08
1987P Groves02:10:02
1986C Record02:11:21
1985S Gendek02:13:32
1984D Maund02:02:28
1983D Maund02:08:07
1982P Groves02:09:24
1981A Mercer02:19:05
1980P McVey02:04:57
1979P McVey02:12:21
1978P McVey02:07:28
1977A Mayes02:17:07
1976P Cooper02:12:42
1975A Mayes02:12:22
1974N Davies02:16:46
1973A Mayes02:19:29
1972P Cooper02:19:13
1971P Cudmore02:15:58
1970M Brooker02:15:48
1969M Brooker02:08:09
1968M Mills02:17:36
1967C Bellamy02:14:23
1962V Possee02:08:26
1961A Goodall02:13:35
1956P Pincrole02:22:20
1955D Stevenson02:15:29
1954D Stevenson02:14:45
1953B Swain
1952J Penfold02:14:10
1951J Penfold02:16:23

The Cyclewise Cup

Vets best all rounder 25, 50 & 100 miles vs age standard
Year Rider Result
2023 Not awarded
2021David Hampton?
2019David Hampton24.172
2018Andy Robinson23.154
2017Lee Buckman26.23
2016Colin Woollard23.39
2015Colin Woollard23.26
2014Colin Woollard23.28
2013A Macey24.123
2012A Macey23.691
2011A Mayes20.217
2010A Mayes20.145
2009A Mayes19.59
2008A Nye20.617
2007A Mayes20.692
2006A Mayes20.022
2005A Mayes21.029
2004A Mayes21.502
2003A Mayes20.603
2002D Duchemin20.77
2001D Duchemin20.732
1996B Kennedy20.45
1995A Mayes20.39
1993A Mayes19.04
1990J Duckworth21.211
1989J Duckworth20.354
1986W Jameson18.522
1985W Jameson18.291
1984W Jameson20.286
1983A Farmer21.224
1982A Farmer22.249
1981L Winyard21.397
1980P McVey23.289
1979L Winyard21.154

Lady BAR

The fastest average speed over any two 10 mile and any two 25 mile time trials
Year Rider Result
2023Maria Sparks23.459
2022Lesley Newman
2021Lesley Newman19.62

The Hudson Cup

The fastest 50 mile ride on handicap
Year Rider Result
2023Martin Fenna01:54:43
2022Sam Robinson01:59:43
2021Owen Fletcher01:58:24
2019David Hampton02:02:54
2018David Hampton02:02:38
2017David Hampton02:00:36
2016Lesley Newman01:52:06
2015Mick Claydon01:54:23
2014Mick James01:50:46
2013A Macey02:00:31
2012A Mayes01:55:44
2011A Morris01.58.45
2010A Nye02:09:02
2009A Mayes02:00:16
2008S Clarke02:08:12
2007A Mayes02:19:15
2005A Mayes01:20:01
2003R Wheeler02:14:39
2002A Mayes02:32:52
2001A Mayes02:28:13
2000J Durey02:17:47
1999J Durey02:04:28
1998J Durey02:10:39
1997C Attwell01:47:43
1996J Duckworth01:47:21
1995A Mayes02:01:39
1994A Mayes01:55:35
1993M Fitzgerald01:58:04
1991G Wales02:00:07
1990M Fitzgerald01:59:44
1989M Fitzgerald01:59:16
1988G Newby02:04:55
1987P Groves02:04:02
1986P Groves01:58:09
1985S Gendek01:56:02
1984A Mercer01:54:19
1983N Pucknell02:02:32
1982S Earnshaw02:03:01
1981T McHale01:57:14
1980W Edwards01:52:27
1979C Nye02:02:39
1978T McHale02:02:22
1977A Mayes01:58:37
1976R Parham01:56:05
1975A Mayes01:54:43
1974A Mayes02:00:17
1973W Edwards01:59:43
1972A Mayes02:06:13
1971A Hockin01:55:35
1970N Davies02:02:50
1968M Mills02:02:16
1967M Mills02:01:12
1963S Earnshaw01:56:48
1962I Boughton02:05:17
1961I Boughton02:02:55
1955P Pincrole02:13:41
1954D Wenham02:14:54
1953J Gibson
1952P Pincrole02:11:58

The Swan Shield

The fastest 100 mile on any course
Year Rider Result
2023 Not awarded
2021David Hampton04:10:44
2019David Hampton04:13:42
2018David Hampton04:21:47
2017Lee Buckman03:55:04
2016Colin Woollard04:22:39
2015Colin Woollard04:22:52
2014Colin Woollard04:24:14
2013A Macey04:16:18
2012A Macey04:17:31
2011R Firth04:56:29
2010A Mayes05:15:26
2009S Clarke04:41:59
2007A Mayes05:05:55
2006A Mayes05:18:59
2005A Mayes05:15:01
2004A Mayes04:58:15
2003A Mayes05:14:00
2002D Duchemin05:09:18
2001A Mayes05:05:54
1998J Temple04:58:46
1997J Duckworth05:09:31
1996B Kennedy04:56:18
1995A Mayes04:58:03
1994P Bridgland04:40:29
1993A Mayes05:13:45
1992M James05:11:58
1990M Fitzgerald04:48:07
1989J Duckworth05:14:41
1988N Pucknell04:48:17
1987C Record04:34:13
1986P Groves04:49:51
1985N Pucknell04:33:23
1984D Maund04:23:47
1983R Murray04:04:55
1982J Laker04:29:52
1981L Hickman04:26:14
1980P McVey04:12:09
1979A Black04:34:09
1978P McVey04:32:35
1977M Price05:05:10
1976A Mayes04:53:17
1975M James04:49:47
1974A Mayes04:52:25
1973P Cudmore04:58:33
1972A Mayes04:59:19
1971N Davies04:32:55
1970M Brooker04:40:45
1969D Mills04:47:53
1968C Bellamy05:03:24

The Rose Callaghan Trophy

Best short distance all rounder on handicap
Year Rider Result
2023Maria Sparks35.294
2022Sam Robinson30.461
2019Matt Clark30.9089
2018Lee Buckman29.751
2017Rob Sparks31.262
2016Matthew Stammers31.371
2015Matthew Stammers33.241
2014Colin Woollard32.808
2013A Robinson30.989
2012M Claydon31.269
2011A Macey31.927
2010L Buckman32.613
2009N Leech31.599
2008A Nye31.702
2007A Mayes31.972
2005A Mayes30.637
2004A Mayes30.149
2003J Colbear30.726
2002R Wheeler32.019
2001D Duchemin33.611
2000D Blunt30.55
1999J Durey29.29
1998J Durey29.83
1997J Durey35.33
1995A Mayes30.77
1994A Mayes31.168
1993M Fitzgerald28.16
1992J Temple30.103
1991M Fitzgerald28.163
1990M Fitzgerald29.819
1989M Fitzgerald30.135

The Glover 30 Cup

The fastest 30 mile in designated event
Year Rider Result
2023Sam Robinson01:06:00
2022Martin Fenna00:57:00 (24.78 Mile
2019Lee Buckman01:13:19
2018Lee Buckman01:09:17
2017Lee Buckman01:11:29
2016Andy Branson01:13:28
2015Andy Branson01:12:00
2014Andy Branson01:14:27
2013A Macey01:12:15
2012R Firth01:20:39
2011T Sheppard01:14:27
2010A Mayes01:24:32
2009N Leech01:09:39
2008N Leech01:11:44
2007A Mayes01:25:58
2004A Mayes01:23:17
2003A Mayes01:27:55
2002A Mayes01:29:00
2001M Perdue01:28:56
2000A Farmer01:25:20
1999D Blunt01:15:54
1998C Attwell01:15:32
1997C Attwell01:12:23
1996A Harding01:17:00
1995A Harding01:19:38
1994A Harding01:13:19
1993B Warren01:13:21
1992M Fitzgerald01:15:56
1990M Fitzgerald01:11:53
1989R Wood
1988M Fitzgerald01:06:39
1987J Duckworth01:19:08
1986G Chapman01:17:02
1985S Gendek01:18:56
1984D Maund01:12:52
1983R Murray01:11:52
1982J Temple01:12:34
1981N Pucknell01:11:14
1980N Pucknell01:14:28
1979M Groves01:18:08
1978P McVey01:16:07
1977A Mayes01:18:18
1976A Mayes01:18:07
1975M James01:17:47
1974A Mayes01:18:34
1973P Cooper01:18:09
1972P Cooper01:18:51
1971M Brooker01:13:40
1970M Brooker01:13:54
1969M Brooker01:16:46
1968M Mills01:18:47
1963S Earnshaw01:19:19
1962A Goodall01:18:21
1961V Possee01:19:20
1956A Edginton01:20:47
1955D Stevenson01:16:30
1954D Stevenson01:17:50
1953D Stevenson01:20:55
1952B Swain01:19:30
1951L Pantry01:21:11

The Brian Pucknell Memorial Trophy

The fastest vet vs. age standard on evening 10s
Year Rider Result
2023Matt Clark00:26:46
2022Andy Robinson00:26:24
2021Matt Clark26.49
2019Stewart King00:25:46
2018Andy Robinson00:24:51
2017Andy Branson00:24:19
2016Andy Branson00:24:52
2015Andy Branson00:23:16
2014Andy Branson00:16:46
2013A Macey00:20:54
2012A Macey00:18:55
2011K Lyon00:23:08
2010A Mayes00:19:41
2009A Mayes00:18:57
2008A Mayes00:17:41
2007A Mayes00:19:22

The Santer Cup

The fastest hill climb in designated season event
Year Rider Result
2023Owen Fletcher03:43.7
2022Owen Fletcher03:55.6
2021Owen Fletcher03:54.4
2020Adam Skitt05:52.0
2019Steve Clarke04:38.6
2018Adam Skitt05:51.9
2017David Hampton04:57.5
2016Michael Newman04:54.3
2015Michael Newman05:05.5
2014Scott Wiseman03:52.1
2013L Buckman03:48.6
2012S Hopkins03:59.1
2011S Hopkins03:30.7
2010S Hopkins03:46.2
2009S Hopkins03:45.7
2008M Piggott03:52.3
2007S Hopkins03:53.2
2006S Hopkins03:38.8
2005S Hopkins03:38.8
2004A Mayes04:54.4
2003J Colbear03:51.7
2002J Colbear03:50.1
2000S Clarke04:38.8
1999D Blunt03:58.2
1998D Blunt03:59.9
1997J Temple00:05:38:30
1996G Moss00:07:18
1995N Pucknell00:04:48
1994P Bridgland00:04:23
1992G Wales00:03:34
1991G Wales00:03:26
1990M Fitzgerald00:06:19
1989M Fitzgerald00:06:02
1988M Fitzgerald00:06:12
1987M Hadlow00:07:41
1986J Laker00:03:34
1985S Gendek
1984N Pucknell00:02:53
1983M Taylor00:02:48
1982M Taylor00:02:43
1981W Edwards00:03:06
1980W Edwards00:02:48
1979K Playfoot00:02:50
1978K Playfoot00:02:44
1977K Playfoot00:02:45
1976K Playfoot00:02:56
1975K Playfoot00:03:07
1974N Davies00:03:17
1973N Davies00:03:11
1972T McHale00:03:03
1971N Davies00:03:45
1970N Davies00:03:20
1968M Mills00:02:39
1967M Mills00:02:45
1963A Goodall00:03:34
1962B Standen00:02:37
1961B Standen00:02:46
1956M Smith00:02:45
1955P Lever00:03:15
1954P Lever00:03:11

The Leon Bellamy Medal

The winner of the annual low gear event, or other designated race
Year Rider Result

The Centenary Trophy

Awarded by the committee to the member whose racing performance is particularly worthy
Year Rider Result
2021David Hampton
2015David Hampton
2014Andy Branson.

The Michael Turner Cup

Awarded by a member vote as the club member giving the club the most meritorious service
Year Rider Result

Crash Pot

Most spectacular crash awarded by committee
Year Rider Result
2013A Robinson
2012A Macey
2011A Macey
2010T Morris
2009D Godden
2008A Nye
2007D Godden
2006S Walker
2002C Muspratt
2001B Peck

The Brice Cup

The winner of the evening 10 Road bike scratch competition
Year Rider Result