Frequently Asked Questions

When does the club ride?

We have a weekly Sunday Club ride.

What is the distance and speed you ride?

Normally around 50 miles at an average of between 16-18 mph, this lasts about 3 1/2 hours. If you are already approaching this pace solo then you will be able to raise your pace in a group.

Do you have tea/coffee stops on the ride?

Sometimes. We tend to alternate between a fairly swift pace occasionally stopping for the group to reform and brief re-fuelling, to a coffee stop at a local cafe.

What sort of bike do I need?

All members ride road bikes.

Can I ride my fixie?

We consider it dangerous to use a fixed wheel with group riding. Additionally, with the distance and hills encountered on the ride, it would be extremely challenging for the average cyclist to keep up.

Do I need a helmet?

We encourage all riders to wear a helmet although it is not mandatory except for under 18's in TT events where one must be worn.

What kit do club members ride in?

All wear "clip in" cycling shoes and road cycling clothing. Club kit is available to purchase once a member Our new kit supplier is Nopinz..

I am not that confident in riding in groups and am not yet that fast, does the club cater for newer or slower riders?

The club always seeks to encourage new riders to join AWCC. Contact us to discuss starting to ride with our group. The club 10 mile TT events also provide a way of engaging with the club while not riding in a big group.

Can I come along and break off if I find the pace too fast or too slow?

By all means, we tend to ride within a 20-25 mile radius of Ashford, if you are familiar with the roads you are free to break off at any point (but tell someone else you are doing so).

Do I have to be a member to ride on a Sunday with the club?

To encourage new members we like to offer a couple of taster rides so that cyclists can decide if the club is right for them, after that we do ask the riders join the club. We are limited on the number of non-club members that can join our club rides.

Does the club participate in any other cycling disciplines?

We have a 10 mile Time Trial series through the summer months organised by the club. These are run on a Wednesday evening, usually starting at 19.00. A taster ride might be possible for these but to ride regularly you must be a member. This event is open to riders of any standard as you are only racing against the clock and yourself. The club also has trophies which members compete for, covering 20, 25, 50 and 100 miles and also 12 and 24 hour events. We also run an Audax event in the summer, and members ride Audaxes and Sportives.

Does the club do any road racing?

We do not currently have a road racing team.

Is there a mountain bike section in the club?

We have riders who take interest in MTB and occasionally compete in races but this is not currently a focus of the club.

Does the club have a juniors section?

Currently no, juniors (under 18s) ride with the senior section. In following the statutory rules on young persons the club needs to have present riders with the necessary CRB checks whenever juniors are riding. Parental consent forms must also be signed before juniors may ride.

Does the club have any female members?

Yes there is a small but growing number who are taking part in Wednesday time trials and run a separate training ride, usually on a Saturday, at a pace to suit the group. You are also welcome to join the Sunday ride, so please do not be discouraged if you are female and want to ride with us - don't let the men have all the fun!

Does the club run any training sessions?

From September to March the club organises turbo training sessions on a Wednesday evening (members bring their own turbo trainers or rollers). As an alternative, members organise virtual on-line training sessions.

Does the club have a headquarters?

No, the club meets at pre-determined locations for the start of any ride/event.

How do I get started?

Please contact we can then make arrangements for your first ride.