Club Time Trial Results 2022 Season

17 Aug 2022
Evening 10
Overcast with moderate north easterly winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/M Clark/P Rickard/M Gammon/D Head
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:20:59Rye & District Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:21:23109Now @ 01:2300:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:3194Still 00:4000:20:51Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:4281Still 01:3500:21:07Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:4777Now @ 02:4700:19:56Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:5463Still 01:5300:21:01Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:09510Now @ 03:0900:19:48Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:1642Still 02:1400:21:02Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:3135Still 04:0200:20:29Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:5528Now @ 04:5500:19:51Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:52VC Elan
Graham Strugnall00:27:10Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Fiona Howarth00:27:16VC Deal
Phil Fletcher00:27:4716Still 07:2500:20:22Ashford Wheelers
10 Aug 2022
Evening 10
Very warm with a gentle north easterly breeze
Marshalls: K & J Brice/S Denniss/L Richards/P Rickard
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Daniel Lloyd00:20:35VC Londres
Steve Gooch 00:20:58Rye & District Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:10104Still 00:4000:20:30Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:4399Still 01:3500:20:08Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:1486Still 01:5300:20:21Ashford Wheelers
David Greenwood00:22:55Rye & District Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:1475Still 02:5100:20:23Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:206Still 02:1400:21:06Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:275Still 02:3300:20:54Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:45410Now @ 03:4500:19:55Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:003Still 03:1500:20:45Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:1927Still 04:0200:20:17Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:24:301Still 03:5000:20:40Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:341Still 03:5800:20:36Ashford Wheelers
Maria Gammon00:26:394Still 06:0900:20:30Ashford Wheelers
Derek Taylor00:26:43Unknown
Fiona Howarth00:27:14VC Deal
Graham Strugnall00:27:45Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Phil Fletcher00:27:582Still 07:2500:20:33Ashford Wheelers
Alec Mayes 00:28:198Still 08:0400:20:15Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:28:49Still 07:1000:21:39Ashford Wheelers
03 Aug 2022
Evening 10
Hot & Muggy With South Westerly Winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/D Dewar/D Hampton/P Rickard
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Sam Robinson00:21:04102Still 00:4000:20:24Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:16Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:1291Still 01:3500:20:37Ashford Wheelers
David Greenwood00:22:36Rye & District Wheelers
Martin Dickinson00:22:51Thanet Road Club
Andy Branson 00:22:588Still 02:1400:20:44Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:0873Still 02:5100:20:17Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:1866Still 03:1500:20:03Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:3055Still 03:1900:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:50410Now @ 03:5000:19:59Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:573Still 02:3300:21:24Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:0428Still 04:0200:20:02Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:1014Still 03:5800:20:12Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:049Still 05:0400:20:00Ashford Wheelers
Maria Gammon00:26:118Still 06:0900:20:02Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:14VC Elan
Roger Wilson00:26:33Thornton Road Club
Andy Cornwell 00:28:30Still 07:1000:21:20Ashford Wheelers
27 Jul 2022
Evening 10
Cool & Overcast With East North Easterly Breeze
Marshalls: K & J Brice/P Rickard/D Dewar/S Robinson
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:21:16Rye & District Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:21:48104Still 01:3400:20:14Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:5593Still 01:3500:20:20Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:358Still 01:5300:20:42Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:5976Still 02:5100:20:08Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:056Still 02:1400:20:51Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:2756Still 03:1900:20:08Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:424Still 02:3300:21:09Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:4332Still 03:1500:20:28Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:5129Now @ 03:5100:19:28Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:0217Still 03:5800:20:04Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:24:55Still 03:5000:21:05Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:47Still 05:0400:20:43Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:25:51VC Elan
Roger Wilson00:26:31Thornton Road Club
Maria Gammon00:26:381Still 06:0900:20:29Ashford Wheelers
Alec Mayes 00:28:0410Now @ 08:0400:18:30Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:28:558Now @ 08:5500:19:44Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:30:18Still 07:1000:23:08Ashford Wheelers
20 Jul 2022
Evening 10
26c Hot & Sunny With Moderate South Westerly WInds
Marshalls: M Claydon/P Rickard/L Newman/M Newman
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:21:24Rye & District Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:3910Still 00:4000:20:59Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:21:5196Still 01:3400:20:17Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:138Still 01:3500:20:38Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:1675Still 01:5600:20:20Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:386Still 01:5300:20:45Ashford Wheelers
David Greenwood00:22:48Rye & District Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:075Still 02:1400:20:53Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:1244Still 02:5100:20:21Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:0238Now @ 04:0200:19:54Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:2427Still 04:2300:20:01Ashford Wheelers
Liam Fletcher00:24:35110Now @ 04:3500:19:22Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:24:50Still 03:1900:21:31Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:391Still 05:0400:20:35Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:25:54VC Elan
Maria Gammon00:26:343Still 06:0900:20:25Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:27:10Still 02:3300:24:37Ashford WheelersFixed Medium Gear - 72"
Phil Fletcher00:27:259Now @ 07:2500:19:23Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:27:412Still 07:1000:20:31Ashford Wheelers
Graham Strugnall00:28:36Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
13 Jul 2022
Evening 10
Hot with gentle breeze from South East
Marshalls: K & J Brice/P Fletcher/D Head/R Sparks
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Sam Robinson00:20:59102Still 00:4000:20:19Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:02Rye & District Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:21:219Still 00:4300:20:38Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:21:5388Now @ 01:5300:19:47Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:5771Still 01:3500:20:22Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:386Still 02:1400:20:24Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:5156Now @ 02:5100:19:55Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:154Still 02:3300:20:42Ashford WheelersFixed Gear
Steve Clarke 00:23:19310Now @ 03:1900:19:35Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:572Still 03:1500:20:42Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:2011Still 03:5800:20:22Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:047Now @ 05:0400:19:53Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:25:08VC Elan
Liam Fletcher00:25:253Still 05:1300:20:12Ashford WheelersRoad Bike
Maria Gammon00:26:099Now @ 06:0900:19:38Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:27:194Still 07:1000:20:09Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:29:145Still 09:1100:20:03Ashford Wheelers
06 Jul 2022
Evening 10
Warm with light winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/P Rickard/D Dewar/R Firth
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Sam Robinson00:21:14102Still 00:4000:20:34Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:22:3399Now @ 02:3300:19:30Ashford WheelersFixed Gear
Andy Branson 00:22:4483Still 02:1400:20:30Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:0976Still 02:5600:20:13Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:506Set @ 03:50Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:5451Still 03:1500:20:39Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:2744Still 04:0800:20:19Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:1137Now @ 05:1100:19:59Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:1325Still 05:5700:20:16Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:27:10110Now @ 07:1000:18:44Ashford Wheelers
Graham Strugnall00:28:44Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Lesley Newman 00:29:118Now @ 09:1100:19:57Ashford Wheelers
29 Jun 2022
Evening 10
18c ,Overcast With Light South Westerly Winds
Marshalls: L Buckman/P Rickard/S King/S Bates
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Sam Robinson00:21:3210Still 00:4000:20:52Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:21:3698Still 01:3400:20:02Ashford Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:22:038Still 00:4300:21:20Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:5971Still 02:1400:20:45Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:2364Still 02:5600:20:27Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:3056Still 03:1500:20:15Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:44410Now @ 03:4400:19:59Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:08310Now @ 04:0800:19:59Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:4325Still 04:2300:20:20Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:25:45VC Elan
Simon Denniss00:25:4912Still 05:1200:20:37Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:283Still 05:5700:20:31Ashford Wheelers
Maria Gammon00:26:338Still 06:3100:20:02Ashford Wheelers
Roger WilsonDNFAshford Wheelers
22 Jun 2022
Evening 25
Hot with a north easterly wind
Marshalls: C Woollard/S Bates/A Branson/M Clark/R Firth
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:55:46Rye & District Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:57:43Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:58:25Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:58:34Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 01:01:05Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King01:03:09Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant01:04:17Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 01:04:50Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks01:05:52Ashford Wheelers
Maria Gammon01:13:52Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 01:17:06Ashford Wheelers
15 Jun 2022
Evening 10
Warm but overcast with East/South Easterly Winds
Marshalls: S Robinson/P Rickard/S Marchant/K & J Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:21:02Rye & District Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:21:2910Still 00:4300:20:46Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:21:3498Now @ 01:3400:19:22Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:5682Still 01:3500:20:21Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:5775Still 01:5600:20:01Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:06610Now @ 02:0600:17:35Ashford Wheelers
David Greenwood00:22:48Rye & District Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:0356Now @ 03:0300:19:54Ashford WheelersFixed Gear
Andy Robinson 00:23:1742Still 02:5600:20:21Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:4537Now @ 03:4500:19:24Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:542Still 03:1500:20:39Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:5819Now @ 03:5800:19:20Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:284Still 04:2300:20:05Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:40Still 05:1200:20:28Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:133Still 05:5700:20:16Ashford Wheelers
Alec Mayes 00:29:34Set @ 09:34Ashford Wheelers
08 Jun 2022
Evening 10
Marshalls: P Britton/M Claydon/M Fenna/P Rickard/M Clark
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:21:44Rye & District Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:31106Still 02:1400:21:17Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:4099Still 02:5600:20:44Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:3585Still 03:0900:21:26Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:25:04710Still 04:3800:20:26Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:25:1267Still 04:0900:21:03Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:26:0558Still 05:1200:20:53Ashford Wheelers
01 Jun 2022
Evening 10
Dry And Warm With Light NNW Winds
Marshalls: C Murray/D Hampton/P Rickard/K & J Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:20:43107Now @ 00:4300:19:27Ashford Wheelers
Daniel Lloyd00:20:59VC Londres
Sam Robinson00:21:0895Now @ 01:0800:19:31Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:27Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:3589Now @ 01:3500:19:10Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:22:1274Now @ 02:1200:19:37Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:1468Now @ 02:1400:19:17Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:5656Now @ 02:5600:19:30Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:0942Now @ 03:0900:19:53Ashford WheelersFixed Gear
Mick Claydon 00:23:15310Now @ 03:1500:19:08Ashford Wheelers
Anna Lloyd00:23:57VC Londres
Stephen Marchant00:24:092Set @ 04:09Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:2311Now @ 04:2300:19:58Ashford Wheelers
Liam Fletcher00:25:13Set @ 05:13Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:45VC Elan
Phil Fletcher00:28:023Now @ 08:0200:19:47Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:28:43Still 08:2600:20:17Ashford Wheelers
25 May 2022
Evening 10
Cool, fresh SW wind
Marshalls: TK Joyce Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:39104Still 01:1600:20:23Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:40Rye & District Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:5696Still 01:3700:20:19Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:57810Now @ 02:5700:18:57Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:23:1772Still 02:3500:20:42Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Lee Buckman00:23:266Still 02:2500:21:01Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:1757Still 04:0700:20:10Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:24:214Set @ 04:21Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:3939Still 04:3800:20:01Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:25:302Still 04:2500:21:05Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Simon Denniss00:25:3215Still 05:1200:20:20Ashford Wheelers
Maria Gammon00:26:348Still 06:3100:20:03Ashford Wheelers
Phil Fletcher00:29:071Still 08:1500:20:52Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:29:374Still 09:1400:20:23Ashford Wheelers
18 May 2022
Evening 10
Warm with light ESE winds
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:21:21Rye & District Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:21:23101Still 01:1600:20:07Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:3793Now @ 01:3700:19:54Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:0082Still 01:5600:20:04Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:267Set @ 03:26Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:24:006Set @ 04:00Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Mick Claydon 00:24:0758Now @ 04:0700:19:37Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:2546Now @ 04:2500:19:39Ashford Wheelers
Dave Hodsman00:24:29Dulwich Paragon
David Hampton 00:24:313Set @ 04:31Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Michael Newman 00:24:492Still 04:3800:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:1215Now @ 05:1200:19:45Ashford Wheelers
Costin Murray00:25:254Now @ 05:2500:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:25:57Set @ 05:57Ashford Wheelers
Roger Wilson00:26:24Ashford Wheelers
Maria Gammon00:26:3110Now @ 06:3100:19:01Ashford Wheelers
Graham Strugnall00:28:01Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Andy Cornwell 00:28:268Now @ 08:2600:19:37Ashford Wheelers
Phil Fletcher00:28:38Still 08:1500:20:23Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Lesley Newman 00:29:149Now @ 09:1400:19:05Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:29:24Set @ 09:24Ashford Wheelers
11 May 2022
Evening 10
Drizzle, moderate SW wind
Marshalls: TK: Joyce Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:16108Now @ 01:1600:19:37Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:4696Still 01:4300:20:03Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:5689Now @ 01:5600:19:27Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:22:05Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:4075Still 02:2500:20:15Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:5464Still 03:1600:20:38Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:2757Still 05:2700:20:00Ashford Wheelers
Costin Murray00:25:36410Now @ 05:3600:17:47Ashford Wheelers
04 May 2022
Evening 10
Gentle breeze, damp
Marshalls: TK Joyce Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:39103Now @ 01:3900:19:57Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:4396Now @ 01:4300:19:21Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:45Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:25810Now @ 02:2500:18:24Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:2974Now @ 02:2900:19:42Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:1668Now @ 03:1600:19:02Ashford WheelersFixed gear
Rob Sparks00:24:4657Now @ 04:4600:19:15Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:25:2745Now @ 05:2700:19:23Ashford Wheelers
Roger Wilson00:26:39Thornton Road Club
Maria Gammon00:27:303Set @ 07:30Ashford Wheelers
Phil Fletcher00:28:1529Now @ 08:1500:18:48Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:29:0512Still 08:4900:20:16Ashford WheelersAdjusted, originally 29.07?
27 Apr 2022
Evening 10
Cool, easterly breeze
Marshalls: TK Joyce and Kim Brice, Paul Britton, Jon Hollige, Andy Branson
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Daniel Lloyd00:20:56VC Londres
Martin Fenna00:21:4210Set @ 01:42Ashford Wheelers
Carys Lloyd00:21:50VC Londres
Sam Robinson00:22:229Set @ 02:22Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:22:358Set @ 02:35Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:477Set @ 02:47Ashford Wheelers
Jim Calnan00:22:596Set @ 02:59Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:24:015Set @ 04:01Ashford WheelersSlipped seat post
Stewart King00:24:144Set @ 04:14Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:303Set @ 04:30Ashford Wheelers
Anna Lloyd00:24:33VC Londres
Michael Newman 00:24:382Set @ 04:38Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:25:311Set @ 05:31Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:26:04Set @ 06:04Ashford Wheelers
Costin Murray00:27:49Set @ 07:49Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:28:49Set @ 08:49Ashford Wheelers
Phil Fletcher00:29:27Set @ 09:27Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:30:09Set @ 10:09Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke DNFAshford WheelersDNS

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