Club Time Trial Results 2023 Season

23 Aug 2023
Evening 10
Warm with light winds
Marshalls: TK P. Britton, M. Fenna, L&M Newman
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Gooch 00:21:33Rye & District Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:22:07107Now @ 02:0700:19:54Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:5694Still 02:4600:20:10Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:1885Still 03:1800:20:00Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:3971Still 02:4900:20:50Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:23:3976Now @ 03:3900:19:56Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:23:4959Now @ 03:4900:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Alex Balfour00:23:53Rye & District Wheelers
James Harrison00:24:01Hythe CC
Maria Sparks00:24:1943Still 04:0800:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:2432Still 04:0100:20:23Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:25:11Rye & District Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:26:212Still 03:4000:22:41Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:27:07Thanet Road Club
Andy Cornwell 00:27:51110Now @ 07:5100:19:24Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:28:218Now @ 08:2100:19:51Ashford Wheelers
16 Aug 2023
Evening 10
Warm with light winds
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, L. Buckman, S. Robinson, P. Fletcher
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:20:40107Still 00:3400:20:06Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:45Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:2392Still 02:0600:20:17Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:2885Still 02:1700:20:11Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:22:38Hythe CC
Andy Robinson 00:22:5376Still 02:4600:20:07Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:17610Now @ 03:1700:19:33Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:4558Still 03:4000:20:05Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:23:5445Still 03:4300:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:563Still 02:4900:21:07Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:24:0829Now @ 04:0800:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:1115Still 04:0000:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:40Still 04:0100:20:39Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:24:48Rye & District Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:25:07Still 04:2000:20:47Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:18Thanet Road Club
Andy Cornwell 00:28:501Still 08:2700:20:23Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:30:27Still 10:0000:20:27Ashford Wheelers
09 Aug 2023
Evening 10
Fine with light winds
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, M. Sparks, S. Robinson, A. Cornwall
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:21:24109Still 01:0600:20:18Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:29Rye & District Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:22:049Still 00:3400:21:30Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:4285Still 02:0600:20:36Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:4676Still 02:1700:20:29Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:5763Still 03:1800:20:39Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:0358Still 03:4300:20:20Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:36410Still 04:2000:20:16Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:3735Still 04:0100:20:36Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:24:45Rye & District Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:24:4727Still 04:1900:20:28Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:24:5712Still 03:4000:21:17Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:52Thanet Road Club
Lesley Newman 00:31:191Still 10:0000:21:19Ashford Wheelers
02 Aug 2023
Evening 10
Wet with moderate SW wind
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, S. King, M. Sparks, D. Turner, L. Richards
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:21:131010Still 01:0600:20:07Ashford Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:21:2095Still 00:3400:20:46Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:5886Still 02:1700:20:41Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:23:0874Still 02:1300:20:55Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:1469Still 04:0100:20:13Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:24:5258Still 04:1900:20:33Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:24:5743Still 02:0600:22:51Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:29:0337Still 08:2700:20:36Ashford Wheelers
26 Jul 2023
Evening 10
Windy with light rain
Marshalls: TK L. Buckman, M. Fenna, O. Fletcher, M. Amon
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:21:32109Still 01:0600:20:26Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:1995Still 02:1700:21:02Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:1888Still 03:4300:20:35Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:21710Still 04:0100:20:20Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:25:0364Still 04:0000:21:03Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:25:0457Still 04:1900:20:45Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:33Thanet Road Club
Andy Cornwell 00:29:1746Still 08:2700:20:50Ashford Wheelers
19 Jul 2023
Evening 10
Fine with light winds
Marshalls: K&J Brice, O Fletcher, S Clarke
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:20:34105Now @ 00:3400:19:42Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:0692Now @ 01:0600:19:56Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:35Rye & District Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:1789Now @ 02:1700:19:26Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:4678Now @ 02:4600:19:27Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:23:00Hythe CC
Stephen Marchant00:23:4367Now @ 03:4300:19:29Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:5051Still 03:4400:20:06Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:0044Now @ 04:0000:19:46Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:0133Now @ 04:0100:19:55Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:2026Now @ 04:2000:19:33Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:24:281Still 04:1900:20:09Ashford Wheelers
Liam Fletcher00:24:40Set @ 04:40Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:24:43Rye & District Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:18Thanet Road Club
Andy Cornwell 00:28:2710Now @ 08:2700:18:38Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:30:46Still 10:0000:20:46Ashford Wheelers
12 Jul 2023
Evening 10
Mild with light winds
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, M. Claydon, S. King, S. Clarke
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:27103Still 00:5200:20:35Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:51Rye & District Wheelers
Joshua Clark00:22:02RNRMCA
Lee Buckman00:22:1995Still 02:0600:20:13Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:0286Still 02:5100:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:4574Still 03:1900:20:26Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:1467Still 04:0600:20:08Ashford Wheelers
Alex Balfour00:24:16Rye & District Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:1658Still 04:1400:20:02Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:25:01Rye & District Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:28:3049Now @ 08:3000:19:53Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:29:49310Now @ 09:4900:19:36Ashford Wheelers
05 Jul 2023
Evening 10
Cool with light winds
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, M. Fenna, D. Head, S. Gooch
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:21:10108Now @ 01:1000:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:21:249Still 00:5200:20:32Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:22:1389Now @ 02:1300:19:43Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Lee Buckman00:22:2872Still 02:0600:20:22Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:0463Still 02:5100:20:13Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:23:07Hythe CC
Andy Robinson 00:23:1957Still 03:1900:20:00Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:4941Still 03:1800:20:31Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:0636Still 04:0600:20:00Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:1725Still 04:1400:20:03Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:5314Still 04:4700:20:06Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:27:38Thanet Road Club
Andy Cornwell 00:30:1310Now @ 10:1300:19:13Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:30:32Still 08:3700:21:55Ashford Wheelers
28 Jun 2023
Evening 10
Warm, light winds
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Daniel Lloyd00:20:27Backstedt
Carys Lloyd00:21:05Tofauti
Martin Fenna00:21:10101Still 00:5200:20:18Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:20Rye & District Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:3592Still 01:2100:20:14Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:0686Now @ 02:0600:19:41Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:22:3077Now @ 02:3000:19:40Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Andy Branson 00:22:5169Now @ 02:5100:19:05Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:0053Still 02:4900:20:11Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:23:20Hythe CC
Andy Robinson 00:23:2145Still 03:1900:20:02Ashford Wheelers
Alex Balfour00:23:33Rye & District Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:4038Now @ 03:4000:19:22Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:472Still 03:1800:20:29Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:2314Still 04:1400:20:09Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:41Still 04:1400:20:27Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:43Still 05:5000:20:53Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:26:47Thanet Road Club
Phil Lawson00:27:41Rye & District Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:28:3710Now @ 08:3700:18:03Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:31:00Set @ 11:00Ashford Wheelers
21 Jun 2023
Evening 25
Warm with light winds
Marshalls: TK K&J Bryce, M. Claydon, A. Branson, P. fletcher, R Sparks
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:55:43Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:56:10Rye & District Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:57:14Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:58:53Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 01:00:56Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson01:01:35Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant01:05:05Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 01:05:30Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks01:05:43Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon01:05:50Rye & District Wheelers
Lesley Newman 01:18:02Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles01:21:39Thanet Road Club
14 Jun 2023
Evening 10
Warm, light NE breeze
Marshalls: TK P. Britton, J. Hollidge, M & L Newman
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Daniel Lloyd00:20:20VC Londres
Matt Clark00:21:21105Now @ 01:2100:19:48Ashford Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:21:21101Still 00:5200:20:29Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:32Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:22:25810Now @ 02:2500:17:59Ashford Wheelers
Anna Lloyd00:22:42VC Londres
Andy Robinson 00:23:1974Now @ 03:1900:19:53Ashford WheelersHeld up at lights
Stewart King00:23:4462Still 03:1800:20:26Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:4463Now @ 03:4400:19:54Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:0646Now @ 04:0600:19:43Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:24:1439Now @ 04:1400:19:00Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:24:1827Now @ 04:1800:19:12Ashford WheelersHeld up at end of start ramp
Maria Sparks00:24:1918Now @ 04:1900:19:09Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:24:51Rye & District Wheelers
Shay Giles00:29:09Thanet Road Club
07 Jun 2023
Evening 10
clear, 15 degrees, brisk NE wind
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, S. Denniss, S. Giles & Jackie
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:21:44106Still 01:3300:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:52Rye & District Wheelers
David Greenwood00:23:27Rye & District Wheelers
James Harrison00:23:41Hythe CC
Andy Robinson 00:23:4495Still 03:2600:20:18Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:4688Now @ 03:4600:19:56Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:4874Still 03:1800:20:30Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:2767Still 04:2300:20:04Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:25:1059Now @ 05:1000:19:50Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:25:14410Now @ 05:1400:19:24Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:25:40Rye & District Wheelers
31 May 2023
Evening 10
Cool, strong NE breeze
Marshalls: TK P. Britton, A. Nye, J. Hollidge
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:46101Still 00:5200:20:54Ashford Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:23:0596Still 02:5000:20:15Ashford WheelersRoad bike
David Greenwood00:23:33Rye & District Wheelers
James Harrison00:23:38Hythe CC
Andy Robinson 00:23:4984Still 03:2600:20:23Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:5078Now @ 03:5000:19:58Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:0263Still 03:1800:20:44Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:4055Still 04:2300:20:17Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:25:0649Now @ 05:0600:18:24Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:25:0831Still 04:1400:20:54Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:25:1722Still 04:2600:20:51Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:25:2417Still 05:2000:20:04Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:25:5010Now @ 05:5000:17:47Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:25:59Rye & District Wheelers
Shay Giles00:27:49Thanet Road Club
Leighton Richards00:30:34Set @ 10:34Ashford Wheelers
24 May 2023
Evening 10
Fine, light east wind
Marshalls: TK L. Buckman
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:20:52103Now @ 00:5200:19:39Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:599Still 01:3300:20:26Ashford Wheelers
Ryan Edwards00:22:2985Now @ 02:2900:19:27Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:22:49710Now @ 02:4900:18:52Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:23:11Hythe CC
Stewart King00:23:1869Now @ 03:1800:19:13Ashford Wheelers
David Greenwood00:23:20Rye & District Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:2651Now @ 03:2600:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:23:464Set @ 03:46Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:5237Now @ 03:5200:19:16Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:1424Now @ 04:1400:19:30Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:2312Now @ 04:2300:19:44Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:25:25Still 05:2000:20:05Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:25:506Now @ 05:5000:19:20Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:25:51Thanet Road Club
Lesley Newman 00:30:009Now @ 10:0000:19:13Ashford Wheelers
17 May 2023
Evening 10
Cool, light easterly
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, S. King, R. Firth, R. Edwards
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:13104Now @ 01:1300:19:53Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:3791Still 01:3300:20:04Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:22:02Rye & District Wheelers
David Greenwood00:23:33Rye & District Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:378Set @ 03:37Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:5173Still 03:5000:20:01Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:24:05Hythe CC
Stewart King00:24:0567Now @ 04:0500:19:30Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:24:2656Now @ 04:2600:19:37Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:444Set @ 04:4400:18:45Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:4739Now @ 04:4700:19:20Ashford Wheelers
Simon Denniss00:24:492Still 04:3900:20:10Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:25:2018Now @ 05:2000:19:22Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:305Now @ 06:3000:19:49Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:26:42Set @ 06:42Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:27:28Thornton Road Club
Stephen Marchant00:28:043Still 08:0300:20:01Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:30:4710Now @ 10:4700:19:19Ashford Wheelers
10 May 2023
Evening 10
Overcast, wet roads
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice, Marshals S. Marchant, R. Firth, B. Field
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:20107Now @ 01:2000:19:58Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:21:339Set @ 01:33Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:43Rye & District Wheelers
David Greenwood00:23:32Rye & District Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:5088Now @ 03:5000:19:36Ashford Wheelers
James Harrison00:24:32Hythe CC
Andy Branson 00:24:367Set @ 04:36Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:24:49610Now @ 04:4900:18:43Ashford Wheelers
Maria Sparks00:25:5859Now @ 05:5800:19:26Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:414Set @ 06:41Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:27:48VC Elan
03 May 2023
Evening 10
Cool easterly wind
Marshalls: TK J. Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:3410set @ 01:24Ashford Wheelers
Steve Gooch 00:21:53Rye & District Wheelers
Owen Fletcher00:22:509Set @ 02:50Ashford WheelersRoad bike
David Greenwood00:23:47Rye & District Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:578Set @ 03:57Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:147Set @ 04:14Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:356Set @ 04:35Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:25:05Rye & District Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:25:275Set @ 05:27Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:26:064Set @ 06:06Ashford WheelersRoad Bike
Maria Sparks00:26:323Set @ 06:32Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Marchant00:28:032Set @ 08:03Ashford Wheelers
Shay Giles00:28:37Thornton Road Club
Lesley Newman 00:31:281Set @ 11:28Ashford WheelersRoad Bike
26 Apr 2023
Evening 10, road bike event
Dry, cool, light easterly
Marshalls: TK K&J Brice
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Martin Fenna00:21:22Ashford WheelersTT bike
Ryan Edwards00:23:02Ashford WheelersTT bike
Owen Fletcher00:23:27Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Jon Hollidge00:24:03Ashford WheelersTT bike
Simon Denniss00:24:39Ashford WheelersTT bike
David Greenwood00:25:42Rye & District Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:25:59Ashford WheelersTT bike
Mark Amon00:26:00Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:27:04Ashford WheelersRoad bike
Stewart King00:29:22Ashford WheelersRoad bike

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