Club Time Trial Results 2019 Season

28 Aug 2019
Rye W Evening 10
Marshalls: unknown
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Steve Clarke 00:23:19109Still @ 01:1700:22:02Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:24:2098Still @ 01:4000:22:40Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:4888Still @ 02:0800:22:40Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:25:0476Still @ 01:1000:23:54Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:26:4565Still @ 02:0800:24:37Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:32:4054Still @ 07:3900:25:01Ashford Wheelers
Andrew Nye 00:33:26410Now @ 12:2600:20:36Ashford Wheelers
21 Aug 2019
Rye W Evening 10
Marshalls: unknown
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:22:37109Still @ 00:2400:22:13Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 26 Seconds
Steve Clarke 00:23:18910Still @ 01:1700:22:01Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:24:0188Still @ 01:4300:22:18Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:24:2377Still @ 01:4000:22:43Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:24:2565Still @ 00:2300:24:02Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:25:2656Still @ 02:0800:23:18Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 26 Seconds
Andrew Nye 00:33:504Set @ 12:50Ashford Wheelers
07 Aug 2019
Evening 10
Warm with strong winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/L Buckman/A Mayes/P Rickar/S & A Williams
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Neil Lauder00:20:04Arctic Aircon RT
Dean Chiddention00:20:44Abellio SFA Race Team
Keith Brown00:21:23Southborough & District Wheelers
Francis Cade00:21:37JAM Cycling
Fabian Large00:21:46No Pinz
Mark Doxey00:21:50Abellio SFA Race Team
George Galbraith00:21:54JAM Cycling
Stewart King00:22:10109Now @ 01:1000:20:59Ashford Wheelers
Alex Woolley00:22:11Sheppey Velo
David Hampton 00:22:1798Still @ 01:1200:21:05Ashford Wheelers
Martin Foord00:22:38Abellio SFA Race Team
Lee Buckman00:22:4283Still @ 00:2300:22:19Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:22:4575Still @ 01:1700:21:28Ashford Wheelers
Chris Hall00:22:46JAM Cycling
Rob Sparks00:23:08610Now @ 02:0800:20:55Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 5 Seconds,Personal Best By 5 Seconds
Andy Branson 00:23:2654Still @ 01:4300:21:43Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:3046Still @ 02:0800:21:22Ashford Wheelers
Gareth Purves00:23:57Hastings & St Leonards
Jess Fawcett00:24:13JAM Cycling
Annette Nixon00:24:39Folkestone Velo Club
Darrell Locke00:25:46Southborough & District Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:26:1431Still @ 03:1500:22:59Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:27:0922Still @ 04:3300:22:36Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:27:3517Still @ 06:1900:21:16Ashford Wheelers
31 Jul 2019
Evening 10
Warm with strong winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/A Mayes/A Robinson/R Mason/A Skitt/A Williams
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Matt Clark00:21:241010Now @ 00:2400:20:49Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 11 Seconds,Personal Best By 11 Seconds
George Galbraith00:21:34JAM Cycling
Steve Clarke 00:22:3298Still @ 01:1700:21:15Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:22:3885Still @ 01:1100:21:27Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:22:4679Still @ 01:4300:21:03Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:23:0261Still @ 00:4300:22:19Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:23:145Still @ 00:2300:22:51Ashford Wheelers
Simon Page00:23:29Hythe CC
Danny Frost00:23:31Folkestone Velo Club
Michael Newman 00:23:3446Still @ 02:0800:21:26Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:1832Still @ 02:1300:22:05Ashford Wheelers
Jess Fawcett00:24:42JAM Cycling
Mick James 00:24:53Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Roger Wilson00:25:05Spin Wheels
Darren Head00:26:3023Still @ 04:3300:21:57Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:27:5614Still @ 06:1900:21:37Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:29:007Still @ 07:3600:21:24Ashford Wheelers
24 Jul 2019
Evening 10
Very very hot with light winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/A Mayes/J Hollidge/B Burden/M Fenna
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Rhys Clegg00:20:43PMR @ Toachim House
Steve Gooch 00:21:10Rye & District Wheelers
James Ashburnham00:21:13Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:23105Now @ 00:2300:20:57Ashford Wheelers
George Galbraith00:21:26JAM Cycling
Matt Clark00:21:4493Still @ 00:3500:21:09Ashford Wheelers
Leigh Foxton00:21:44Rye & District Wheelers
Stewart King00:22:1186Now @ 01:1100:20:52Ashford Wheelers
Paul Simmons00:22:18Ashford Road Club
David Hampton 00:22:287Still @ 01:1200:21:16Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:22:326Still @ 01:1700:21:15Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Tierney00:22:43Team Bottrill
Andy Branson 00:22:5451Still @ 01:4300:21:11Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:014Still @ 01:4000:21:21Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:1034Still @ 02:0800:21:02Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:23:1329Now @ 02:1300:20:18Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 42 Seconds,Personal Best By 42 Seconds
Simon Page00:23:13Hythe CC
Pritesh Patel00:23:21Ashford Road Club
Danny Frost00:23:21Folkestone Velo Club
Jess Fawcett00:23:43JAM Cycling
Mick James 00:24:55Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Adam Skitt00:25:0212Still @ 03:5200:21:10Ashford Wheelers
Steve Williams00:25:0810Now @ 04:0800:19:44Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 51 Seconds,Personal Best By 51 Seconds
Roger Wilson00:25:22Spin Wheels
Darren Head00:25:337Now @ 04:3300:20:46Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 2 Seconds,Personal Best By 2 Seconds
Stephen Ratcliffe00:27:14Spin Wheels
Andy Cornwell 00:27:32Still @ 06:1900:21:13Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:28:54Still @ 07:3600:21:18Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:29:27Still @ 07:3900:21:48Ashford Wheelers
Amanda Williams00:34:078Now @ 13:0700:20:30Ashford Wheelers
17 Jul 2019
Evening 10
Warm with light winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/A Mayes/J Hollidge/D Head/L Buckman/D Hampton
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Nick Wilson00:20:43Rye & District Wheelers
Fabian Large00:21:17No Pinz
Matt Clark00:21:35109Now @ 00:3500:20:27Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 33 Seconds,Personal Best By 33 Seconds
Sam Robinson00:21:489Still @ 00:4300:21:05Ashford Wheelers
Mark Doxey00:21:48Abellio SFA Race Team
Rhys Clegg00:22:08PMR @ Toachim House
Stewart King00:22:1983Now @ 01:1900:20:55Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:367Still @ 01:1200:21:24Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:4065Now @ 01:4000:20:46Ashford Wheelers
Paul Simmons00:22:41Ashford Road Club
Andy Branson 00:22:4352Now @ 01:4300:20:58Ashford Wheelers
Tom Stanley00:22:43Ashford Road Club
Steve Clarke 00:22:454Still @ 01:1700:21:28Ashford Wheelers
Mike Wood00:22:4735Now @ 01:4700:20:46Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:232Still @ 02:0800:21:15Ashford Wheelers
Danny Frost00:23:30Folkestone Velo Club
Rob Sparks00:23:5517Now @ 02:5500:20:38Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 22 Seconds,Personal Best By 22 Seconds
Martin Fenna00:24:1510Now @ 03:1500:19:41Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 79 Seconds,Personal Best By 79 Seconds
Matthew Newbury00:24:298Now @ 03:2900:20:35Ashford Wheelers
Mick James 00:24:53Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Roger Wilson00:25:24Spin Wheels
Graham Strugnall00:26:19Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Steve Williams00:26:24Set @ 05:24Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Ratcliffe00:26:30Spin Wheels
Andy Cornwell 00:27:42Still @ 06:1900:21:23Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:28:366Now @ 07:3600:20:44Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 10 Seconds,Personal Best By 10 Seconds
Jill Evans00:28:42Taster Ride
Lesley Newman 00:28:431Still @ 07:3900:21:04Ashford Wheelers
Amanda Williams00:34:37Set @ 13:37Ashford Wheelers
10 Jul 2019
Evening 10
Warm with light winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/A Mayes/A Robinson/L Richards/S Clarke
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Joshua Clark00:20:26RNRMCA
Mark Doxey00:21:25Abellio SFA Race Team
Leigh Foxton00:21:31Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:4410Still @ 00:2600:21:18Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:21:479Still @ 00:4300:21:04Ashford Wheelers
George Galbraith00:21:49JAM Cycling
Matt Clark00:22:0888Now @ 01:0800:20:23Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 16 Seconds,Personal Best By 16 Seconds
David Hampton 00:22:1276Now @ 01:1200:20:35Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 13 Seconds
Stewart King00:22:306Still @ 01:2400:21:06Ashford Wheelers
Paul Simmons00:22:41Ashford Road Club
Andy Branson 00:22:4559Now @ 01:4500:20:16Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:0844Now @ 02:0800:20:53Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:143Still @ 01:5400:21:20Ashford Wheelers
Pritesh Patel00:23:35Ashford Road Club
Colin Woollard 00:23:3823Now @ 02:3800:20:54Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:24:1713Now @ 03:1700:20:54Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 6 Seconds,Personal Best By 6 Seconds
Jon Hollidge00:24:24Still @ 02:4400:21:40Ashford Wheelers
Jess Fawcett00:24:36JAM Cycling
Adam Skitt00:24:521Now @ 03:5200:20:58Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 2 Seconds,Personal Best By 2 Seconds
Mick James 00:25:00Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Roger Wilson00:25:28Spin Wheels
Martin Fenna00:25:347Now @ 04:3400:20:33Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 27 Seconds,Personal Best By 27 Seconds
Darren Head00:25:53Still @ 04:4700:21:06Ashford Wheelers
Steve Williams00:25:59Ashford Tri Club
Graham Strugnall00:26:37Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Andy Cornwell 00:27:195Now @ 06:1900:20:50Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:28:3910Now @ 07:3900:20:11Ashford Wheelers
Amanda Williams00:33:38Ashford Tri Club
03 Jul 2019
Evening 10
Overcast with Moderate Winds
Marshalls: A Cornwell/K & J Brice/A Mayes/M Wood/C Woollard/A Skitt
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Fabian Large00:21:05No Pinz
Leigh Foxton00:21:24Rye & District Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:40103Still @ 00:2600:21:14Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:22:1795Now @ 01:1700:20:48Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:22:2489Now @ 01:2400:20:24Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:22:307Still @ 00:4300:21:47Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:4568Now @ 01:4500:20:34Ashford Wheelers
Andy Quye00:22:50Southborough & District Wheelers
Paul Simmons00:22:51Ashford Road Club
David Hampton 00:22:5451Still @ 01:3700:21:17Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:134Still @ 01:5400:21:19Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:2933Still @ 02:1500:21:14Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:2936Now @ 02:2900:20:43Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:24:181Still @ 02:4400:21:34Ashford Wheelers
Pritesh Patel00:24:20Ashford Road Club
Rob Sparks00:24:2310Now @ 03:2300:20:15Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 1 Seconds,Personal Best By 1 Seconds
Mick James 00:24:27Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Matthew Newbury00:24:547Now @ 03:5400:20:39Ashford Wheelers
Costin Murray00:25:08Ashford Road Club
Roger Wilson00:25:22Spin Wheels
Martin Fenna00:26:01Set @ 05:01Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 43 Seconds,Personal Best By 43 Seconds
Graham Strugnall00:26:07Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Steve Wilkinson00:26:56Ashford Tri Club
Andy Cornwell 00:28:05Still @ 06:2900:21:36Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:29:304Still @ 08:2800:21:02Ashford Wheelers
Amanda Williams00:35:46Ashford Tri Club
26 Jun 2019
Evening 10
Overcast With Very Gusty Winds
Marshalls: K & J Brice/M Newman/A Mayes/C Woollard/L Newman/D Head
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Nick Wilson00:21:11Rye & District Wheelers
George Galbraith00:21:45JAM Cycling
Lee Buckman00:22:01104Still @ 00:2600:21:35Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:22:5196Still @ 01:2900:21:22Ashford Wheelers
Rodney Smith00:22:52Wigmore CC
David Hampton 00:23:0685Still @ 01:3700:21:29Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:1278Still @ 01:5400:21:18Ashford Wheelers
Paul Simmons00:23:13Ashford Road Club
Stewart King00:23:1967Still @ 02:0000:21:19Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:4659Now @ 02:4600:20:50Ashford Wheelers
Tom Stanley00:23:49Ashford Road Club
Andy Quye00:24:09Southborough & District Wheelers
Jess Fawcett00:24:35JAM Cycling
Roger Wilson00:25:55Spin Wheels
Rob Sparks00:26:0342Still @ 04:0800:21:55Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:28:5331Still @ 06:2900:22:24Ashford Wheelers
Chris Nicol00:29:04210Set @ 08:0400:20:27Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:29:2813Still @ 07:5200:21:36Ashford Wheelers
19 Jun 2019
Evening 25
Warm with Showers and Moderate Gusts
Marshalls: K & J Brice/A Mayes/J Hollidge/C Wood/R Sparks/A Nye/B Burden
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Neil Lauder00:50:34Arctic Aircon RT
George Galbraith00:56:03JAM Cycling
Fabian Large00:57:19No Pinz
Lee Buckman00:57:20Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:57:56Ashford Wheelers
Mark Doxey00:58:16Abellio SFA Race Team
Andy Robinson 00:59:39Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:59:53Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 01:01:03Ashford Wheelers
Tom Stanley01:01:07Ashford Road Club
Danny Frost01:01:24Folkestone Velo Club
Jess Fawcett01:02:00JAM Cycling
Mark Amon01:02:06Rye & District Wheelers
Matthew Newbury01:06:02Ashford Wheelers
Mick James 01:06:23Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Darren Head01:10:14Ashford Wheelers
Chris Nicol01:14:20Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 01:15:22Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 01:16:27Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards01:16:51Ashford Wheelers
Susan WalbrookDNFFolkestone Velo Club
David Hampton DNFAshford Wheelers
12 Jun 2019
Evening 10
Overcast With Light Winds
Marshalls: A Mayes/P Britton/Folkestine Velo
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Fabian Large00:21:17No Pinz
John Osborn00:21:24Folkestone Velo Club
Rob Nicholas00:21:32Folkestone Velo Club
Alex Milne00:21:38Ashford Tri Club
Sam Robinson00:21:43108Now @ 00:4300:20:38Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:21:4310Still @ 00:2600:21:17Ashford Wheelers
Leigh Foxton00:21:50Rye & District Wheelers
Stephen Wilkinson00:21:56Folkestone Velo Club
Steve Clarke 00:22:2982Now @ 01:2900:20:50Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:3774Now @ 01:3700:20:49Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:22:5467Now @ 01:5400:20:41Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:0251Still @ 02:0000:21:02Ashford Wheelers
Rodney Smith00:23:03Wigmore CC
Gary Pullen00:23:08Folkestone Velo Club
Michael Newman 00:23:15410Now @ 02:1500:19:48Ashford Wheelers
Neil Gerrard00:23:33Folkestone Velo Club
Jon Hollidge00:23:4434Now @ 02:4400:20:49Ashford Wheelers
Danny Frost00:23:56Folkestone Velo Club
Mark Amon00:24:13Rye & District Wheelers
Annette Nixon00:24:16Folkestone Velo Club
Jon Cruikshank00:24:31Folkestone Velo Club
Charmaine Pullen00:24:53Folkestone Velo Club
Susan Walbrook00:25:12Folkestone Velo Club
Rob Sparks00:25:202Still @ 04:0800:21:12Ashford Wheelers
Adam Skitt00:25:221Still @ 03:5400:21:28Ashford Wheelers
Dan Stevens00:25:22Folkestone Velo Club
Tristam Burgess00:25:42Ashford Tri Club
Darren Head00:25:475Now @ 04:4700:20:48Ashford Wheelers
Martin Fenna00:26:44Taster Ride
Dawn Lamberton00:27:20Folkestone Velo Club
Andy Cornwell 00:27:34Still @ 06:2900:21:05Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:28:526Now @ 07:5200:20:44Ashford Wheelers
Clara Wood00:29:01Still @ 07:2800:21:33Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:29:289Now @ 08:2800:20:26Ashford Wheelers
Matt ClarkDNFAshford Wheelers
05 Jun 2019
Evening 10
Overcast, feeling chilly with light winds
Marshalls: A Mayes/S Clarke/P Rickard/C Nicol/M Clark/M Newman/D Hampton
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Lee Buckman00:21:26103Now @ 00:2600:20:50Ashford Wheelers
Mark Doxey00:22:02Abellio SFA Race Team
Sam Robinson00:22:0591Now @ 01:0500:20:57Ashford Wheelers
Leigh Foxton00:22:10Rye & District Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:568Still @ 01:4800:21:08Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:0073Now @ 02:0000:20:50Ashford Wheelers
Mike Wood00:23:0161Set @ 02:0100:20:57Ashford Wheelers
Andy Quye00:23:16Southborough & District Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:195Still @ 02:1300:21:06Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:5546Now @ 02:5500:20:42Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:5635Now @ 02:5600:20:49Ashford Wheelers
Pritesh Patel00:24:41Ashford Road Club
Adam Skitt00:24:5427Now @ 03:5400:20:41Ashford WheelersCourse Best By 13 Seconds,Personal Best By 13 Seconds
Rob Sparks00:25:08110Now @ 04:0800:19:56Ashford Wheelers
Mick James 00:25:09Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Matthew Newbury00:25:15Set @ 04:15Ashford Wheelers
Costin Murray00:25:33Ashford Road Club
Darren Head00:25:598Now @ 04:5900:20:08Ashford Wheelers
Graham Strugnall00:26:40Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Stephen Ratcliffe00:26:58Spin Wheels
Andy Cornwell 00:27:299Now @ 06:2900:20:04Ashford Wheelers
Clara Wood00:28:285Now @ 07:2800:20:49Ashford Wheelers
Leighton Richards00:29:08Set @ 08:08Ashford Wheelers
Lesley Newman 00:30:02Set @ 09:02Ashford Wheelers
29 May 2019
Evening 10
Light Rain And A Moderate Wind
Marshalls: A Mayes/P Britton/S King/M Wood/M Clark/p Rickard
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Neil Lauder00:19:58Arctic SRAM RT
Emma Lewis00:21:07The Independent Pedaler
Fabian Large00:21:37No Ponz
Mark Doxey00:22:33Abellio SFA Race Team
Sam Robinson00:22:49109Still @ 01:0800:21:41Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:23:3098Still @ 01:4800:21:42Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:24:38810Still @ 03:0700:21:31Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:4474Still @ 02:1000:22:34Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman00:24:5863Still @ 00:3600:24:22Ashford Wheelers
Rob Sparks00:26:5557Still @ 05:1200:21:43Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:28:0145Still @ 05:5100:22:10Ashford Wheelers
Clara Wood00:28:393Set @ 07:39Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:29:2626Still @ 07:2500:22:01Ashford Wheelers
22 May 2019
Evening 10
Warm And Perfectly Still
Marshalls: A Mayes/Lbuckman/P Rickard/L Newman/C Nicol
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Nic Fennell00:19:56Thanet Road Club
Fabian Large00:21:07No Pinz
George Galbraith00:21:14JAM Cycling
Steve Gooch 00:21:28Rye & District Wheelers
Leigh Foxton00:22:02Rye & District Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:22:0810Set @ 01:08Ashford Wheelers
Paul Simmons00:22:31Ashford Road Club
Colin Newton00:22:36Folkestone Velo Club
Steve Clarke 00:22:3995Now @ 01:3900:20:47Ashford Wheelers
David Hampton 00:22:488Set @ 01:48Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:23:1078Now @ 02:1000:20:32Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:23:1164Still @ 02:1100:21:05Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:1357Now@ 02:1300:20:40Ashford Wheelers
Tom Stanley00:23:18Ashford Road Club
Andy Quye00:23:20Southborough & District Wheelers
Colin Woollard 00:23:4443Still @ 02:4400:21:31Ashford Wheelers
Jess Fawcett00:23:57JAM Cycling
Danny Frost00:23:57Folkestone Velo Club
Andy Branson 00:24:073Set @ 03:07Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:24:132Set @ 03:13Ashford Wheelers
Mark Amon00:24:17Rye & District Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:24:271Set @ 03:27Ashford Wheelers
Adam Skitt00:25:13Set @ 04:13Ashford Wheelers
Mick James 00:25:27Kassei CC - Tekno Fuel
Rob Sparks00:26:1210Now @ 05:1200:19:02Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:26:517Now @ 05:5100:20:40Ashford Wheelers
Stephen Ratcliffe00:26:54Spin Wheels
Andy Cornwell 00:28:259Now @ 07:2500:20:28Ashford Wheelers
15 May 2019
Rye W Evening 10
Still feeling chilly with moderate winds
Marshalls: unknown
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Lee Buckman00:22:3610Set @ 00:36Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:23:529Set @ 01:52Ashford Wheelers
Mike Wood00:24:048Set @ 02:04Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:24:067Set @ 02:06Ashford Wheelers
Colin Woollard 00:24:136Set @ 02:13Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:24:335Set @ 02:33Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:384Set @ 02:38Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:25:573Set @ 03:57Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:28:112Set @ 06:11Ashford WheelersCourse Best
Rob Sparks00:29:101Set @ 07:10Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:29:57Set @ 07:57Ashford Wheelers
Chris Nicol00:30:37Set @ 08:37Ashford Wheelers
08 May 2019
Rye W Evening 10
Marshalls: unknown
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
Lee Buckman00:21:1210Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:22:169Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:258Ashford Wheelers
Andy Branson 00:23:137Ashford Wheelers
Michael Newman 00:23:396Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:135Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:24:334Ashford Wheelers
Adam Skitt00:25:083Ashford Wheelers
Darren Head00:27:472Ashford Wheelers
Chris Nicol00:28:051Ashford Wheelers
Andy Cornwell 00:28:13Ashford Wheelers
01 May 2019
Rye W Evening 10
Marshalls: unknown
Name Time Points H'cap points Handicap H'cap time Club Comment
George Galbraith00:21:24Ashford Wheelers 2nd Claim
Lee Buckman00:21:3410Ashford Wheelers
Steve Clarke 00:22:179Ashford Wheelers
Sam Robinson00:22:228Ashford Wheelers
Mike Wood00:22:357Ashford Wheelers
Matt Clark00:22:426Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson 00:23:025Ashford Wheelers
Jon Hollidge00:23:584Ashford Wheelers
Mick Claydon 00:24:213Ashford Wheelers
Stewart King00:24:262Ashford Wheelers
Jess Fawcett00:24:44Ashford Wheelers 2nd Claim
Darren Head00:26:111Ashford Wheelers
Chris Nicol00:28:25Ashford Wheelers

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